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2011 Raffle Guns

USA 01 Right USA 01 Left USA 02 Right USA 02 Left
USA 03 Right USA 03 Left NM208758 Right NM208758 Left

( All photos courtesy of Marc Morganti, Gemini Customs LLC )
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Greetings Raffle Gun Ticket Purchasers.

Two winners were drawn on 01 November by our Treasurer, Mr. Scott Mulkerin. After the winners were drawn and notified, we were asked to "please" keep their names and addresses in strictest confidence to protect their privacy and security. We will honor their request, as we should, and hope that all of our loyal  supporters will understand why we have not posted the names, addresses etc. of the winners. We all treasure our privacy and security.  Here is what I can tell all of you, and I sincerely hope it helps to inform all of our valued supporters.  Both winners reside to the West of the Mississippi River, and ticket sales were slightly higher in this area of the Country. The grand prize winner was a multiple ticket purchase, while the second prize winner was a single ticket purchase. It took nearly 3 weeks to transfer the winners' prizes to them, obtaining FFL's and all required documentation.

We were contacted a few days ago by the grand prize winner, a very happy fellow whom wrote the following;

"Hi Marc, I received my raffle prize from the dealer here yesterday and I am overjoyed! I was really anticipating seeing the the set for the first time, so much so that a 15 minute drive seemed to take an hour. Even though on a rural country road, it seemed like every car in front of me needed to turn left. Then school busses were pulling out in front of me at every intersection. At several points it seemed like I was traveling backwards. My mind was racing in anticipation. When the gorgeous box was opened, I was speechless. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this fine set or helped to organize the raffle. This will be a treasured heirloom for me and my family.

Sincerely, Mr. ----- -------"

To all of our Raffle Gun Ticket purchasers: I want to personally thank you for your support over the years and especially this year's Centennial 1911 offering. Your loyalty is deeply appreciated, and we will strive to imagine, create, and build the finest weapons possible for future raffle projects. We will continually strive to raise the bar, and offer the best prizes possible to the best customers in the World.

The 2012 Raffle guns are under construction and are nearing completion right now!  We will post them as soon as they are available. Single Action revolver fans, and devotees of things rare and beautiful, it's your time for a chance on some of the finest Heirloom Grade revolvers possible from the finest makers alive today. 2012 is on the way!


Marc Morganti, President
American Pistolsmiths Guild

Specifications for these pistols

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pistol. The American Pistolsmiths Guild has created two amazing prizes, for two very lucky winners this year. The first winner shall have his or her choice of an amazing 3 gun set of custom serial numbered and engraved 1911's, or one of the most over the top custom compacts you will ever lay your eyes on! The awesome 3 gun set has been created from the legendary shops of Cylinder & Slide, Tussey Custom, and Tripp Research. The beautiful custom compact is a joint effort from Springfield Armory Custom Shop and Gemini Customs. All four guns were masterfully engraved and gold inlayed by Mr. Brian Powley, with the 3 gun set in beautiful bluing by Mr. Alan Tillman, with the compact in Cobrachrome by Tripp Research. Beautiful inlayed custom grips of rare Sonoran Desert Ironwood grace the 3 gun set, while the compact wears a set as striking Elder Burl and Sterling Silver inlayed grips. All these are from Mr. Ed Strange of Wicked Grips. Both the 3 gun set as well as the custom compact come in custom fitted presentation cases.

The drawing date for this amazing opportunity will be held November 01, 2011. You do not need to be present to win. This is truly a once in a lifetime offering, never to be duplicated again. The Centennial Edition of an American Icon as built by the members of The American Pistolsmiths Guild. It doesn't get any better!

Aside from membership dues, this is the Guild's primary income source and means of furthering its goals of high quality and ethical business practices. Many of you have helped the APG by purchasing tickets each year, and I want you to know your support is greatly appreciated by all of the members of the Guild.

Prize winning entries shall be subject to all Local, State, and Federal rules and regulations required for legal transfer of a handgun/ handguns.

Thanks, and good luck!

Marc Morganti
President American Pistolsmiths Guild, Inc.



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